Did you know that the ePortfolio you build while studying at Conestoga can be taken with you after you graduate? This guide will walk you through the steps required to export your ePortfolio contents from eConestoga and then transfer them to a permanent home on the myDesire2Learn service.

Part 1: Export your ePortfolio

1. Log into eConestoga and access your ePortfolio.

2. Open the My Items tab, then click More Actions -> Go to Import/Export Page

3. Click on the Export Button, then choose to export All Items.

4. Your Items and Presentations that will be exported will be displayed in a list. Click the X beside any item you don’t wish to include in your export. When you’re satisfied with the list of included items, click Export at the bottom, then click Done.

5. Your ePortfolio will now be exported. Once it is complete, a link to the export file will appear under Recent Activity. Click on the link and save it to your computer, in a place where you will be able to locate it later.

Part 2: Create an EduDentity account

1. Visit the EduDentity Registration page. EduDentity is a permanent account that identifies you to Desire2Learn’s online services.

2. Read the Service Agreement. If you agree to their terms and conditions, you can click the checkbox stating you have read them and agree to them, and then click Accept.

3. On the next screen, fill in all of the provided fields:

  • Enter your Full Name.
  • Enter an E-Mail Address. Do not use your Conestoga student e-mail address, as this will be deactivated after you graduate!
  • Create a Password that you will remember, then enter it again in the next box to confirm.
  • In the last two boxes on the page, create a Security Question and Answer that will help you recover a forgotten password.
    • Tip: Be sure to choose a question that you will remember and that will not change— avoid questions like your “Favourite Food” that may change over time.

4. When you’re finished, click the Create button at the bottom.

5. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address you entered during account creation. Log into your e-mail account, open the confirmation e-mail, and follow the link to activate your EduDentity account.

Part 3: Import into myDesire2Learn

1. Go to www.myDesire2Learn.com and log in using the EduDentity account you created in Part 2.

2. Open the My Items tab, then click More Actions -> Go to Import/Export Page.

3. Click on the Import button, then click Browse. Locate the ePortfolio export file you saved to your computer earlier, select it in the dialog box, and click Open to upload it.

4. Click Next. The screen will display the items to be imported.

5. Click Import to complete the transfer process.

You will now see a copy of your ePortfolio items in their new home on the myDesire2Learn.com website. This` copy of your ePortfolio will remain online indefinitely after you graduate from Conestoga.