Listed below you will find some of the more common problems experienced with eConestoga. Click on the problem to see a list of possible solutions.

I can't log in.

Are you logging in for the first time, or have you successfully logged in before?

I am logging on for the first time.
  • Instructions for logging into eConestoga can be found on the Student Reference page.
  • If you are a new student registered to take your first classes in a future semester, your account will not be created until a few weeks before the start of the semester. Try logging in closer to the start of your classes.
  • If you only registered today (or if your payment was processed today), your account will not be available until tomorrow morning. Wait a day and then try logging in again.
  • If you are a part time student, you may not have an eConestoga account at all. While all full time courses use eConestoga, this is not neccessarily the case for all part time courses. Check with your instructors to confirm that at least one of them is in fact using eConestoga this semester.
  • If you registered for an OntarioLearn course, that course will not run on eConestoga. Check your e-mail for instructions for logging into the OntarioLearn website.
I have logged in before, but am now unable to do so.

There are two common error messages when students try to log in using the eConestoga login page.

  • "Invalid Login"
    • The password for your Condor ID-- which is used to log into eConestoga-- expires every 4 months, and then must be changed. The password can also become locked if you enter it incorrectly multiple times. In either case, you will need to reset your password. Instructions for resetting your password can be found on the IT Department's website. You can also try e-mailing the IT Services Help Desk directly at
  • "There was a problem processing your authentication".
    • If you have logged in before but see this message when trying to log in now, there may be a problem with your network account. E-mail eConestoga Support and provide us:
      1. your name
      2. your student number
      3. a screenshot or a clear photograph of the error message.

One of my courses doesn't appear in eConestoga.

There are two things to check when you can't find your eConestoga course.

Am I registered in the course?
  • Log into the Student Portal and confirm that the course is on your schedule. If it isn't, you aren't enrolled correctly in the course; contact the Registrar's Office for assistance correcting your registration.
  • If you only registered for the course today, it will not appear on your My Courses list in eConestoga until tomorrow morning. Wait a day and then try again.
  • Confirm with the Registrar's office that your fees are paid in full, as your enrollment will be held if you have any outstanding payments due.
Is my instructor using eConsetoga?
  • While all full-time, non-apprenticeship courses use eConestoga, not all part-time instructors use eConestoga. If you are an Apprenticeship or Continuing Education student, check with your instructors to confirm that they intend to use eConestoga this semester.
  • Student access to eConestoga courses opens three days before the official start date of the course. If you are looking in eConestoga before this date, you will not see the course shell.
  • If a classmate can see the course and you can't, confirm that you are in the same Section of the course. It is possible for an instructor to set up eConestoga for one section but not for another (sometimes intentionally, sometimes by accident).

I can't find my course's content.

Sometimes you will look inside one of your courses and find that it contains no content or assignments. In the vast majority of cases, this is not a "technical problem"; it simply means that your instructor has not yet loaded any content into the course.

  • If you can't find one of your course's assessments or activities in the Content area of your course, click the "Course Tools" menu at the top of your course and go directly to the Assignments, Discussions, or Quiz tool. The assessment may exist in that tool even if the instructor has not linked it in Content.
  • If a classmate can see the course's content and you can't, confirm that you are in the same Section of the course (listed in the course title at the top of eConestoga). Each Section of the course has an independent eConestoga course shell, and it's possible for the content to be different in two different course sections.

Please refer all concerns about missing or inaccessible course content to your instructor, NOT to eConestoga.

I had a problem when writing a quiz using Respondus LockDown Browser.

  • Respondus LockDown Browser is a security measure that some instructors use to ensure the academic integrity of online quizzes. While the quiz is open, Respondus prevents students from navigating the Internet, accessing files on their computer, recording the screen, copying and pasting, and more.
  • If you experience a problem while writing a quiz that uses Respondus LockDown Browser, please immediately:
    1. Take a photograph of the error message or the screen where you got stuck.
    2. Hold down your computer's power button until it shuts down, then restart your computer, log back into eConestoga, and continue the quiz. You should be able to continue from wherever you were interrupted.
    3. If you continue to have the same problem after restarting your computer, e-mail eConestoga Support, CC your instructor on the e-mail, and provide us:
      • Your name and student number
      • The course Code, Semester, and Section of the course you're working in.
      • The name of the quiz you are writing.
      • A detailed description of the problem, including what you did and what happened afterward.
      • The photograph you took at step 1 as an attachment.

eConestoga Support Hours

Thanks to a partnership with D2L End User Support, the Online Learning Centre (OLC) is proud to offer support for eConestoga 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We encourage students and faculty who are experiencing any problems using eConestoga to contact us by any of the means listed below.

We attempt to respond to all inquiries within two business days, though this may increase during periods of high support volume, such as the start of semester.

Contact Information

Feel free to use any of the following if you have problems or questions relating to eConestoga:

  • Phone Support: 519-748-5220 x3187
  • Email Support: eConestoga Support Form
  • Chat Support: Log into eConestoga, click "Student Support" at the top of the screen, and then click the Chat link near the bottom of the page.