If you need to contact your instructor for any reason, you can find their e-mail address in several places:

  • On the Instructional Plan

    1. Open the Content area of your course.
    2. Click on the Course Information folder in the Table of Contents on the left side.
    3. Click on the Instructional Plan.
    4. Your instructor's name and contact information will be listed near the top.
  • On the Classlist

    1. Go to Course Tools -> Classlist.
    2. Click the "Faculty & Staff" tab at the top.
    3. Find the person with a role of "Instructor" and click on their name. A window will open where you can write an e-mail to that person.

All e-mail sent from within eConestoga will be sent through the Office365/Outlook college e-mail system. When your instructor replies, that reply will go to your student e-mail inbox.

What can my instructor help with?

Your instructor can help you with some problems, but other problems should be directed elsewhere.

Contact your instructor when:

  • You can't find the link to your online class.
  • You don't understand the course content.
  • You can't find instructions for an assessment in your course.
  • The dates for a Quiz, Assignment, or Discussion appear to be incorrect.
  • You will be absent from class, or need to miss an assessment.
  • You have a technical problem that prevents you from completing a Quiz, Assignment, or Discussion. If this happens, you will ALSO need to contact eConestoga Support for help resolving the problem, but it's very important to let your instructor know about the problem immediately when it happens!

Any other technical problems you encounter in eConestoga should be reported to eConestoga Support.