Click on any of your courses in your My Courses tileset to open it. Once you're inside the course, click Content at the top of the screen to access most of the online materials for that course.

The instructors of each of your courses may decide to organize their content in different ways, so you may see unique folders in each course that aren't present in other courses. However, all courses should have at least the following folders:

  • Course Information, which contains
    • A welcome message from your instructor
    • The course's Instructional Plan, which lays out when each topic will be covered and when each evaluation is due.
    • Other important evaluation about program and course policies and expectations
  • Evaluations, which lists all of your course assessments, their requirements, and their due dates.
  • A folder for each week, which contain information like
    • Weekly course notes
    • Weekly presentation slides
    • Other information you need to complete the week's tasks

Other uploaded materials will vary from course to course, but might include:

  • A link to an online textbook
  • Links to online resources and videos
  • Downloadable assignment & exercise templates
  • And more!

If you have any questions about your course content or can't find something you believe should be there, contact your instructor.