Once your students have submitted files to your assignment folder, you will be able to view and grade those submissions.

  1. Go to Course Tools > Assignments.
  2. Beside each Assignment Folder, under the Completed column, you will see a fraction displayed - the number of students who have submitted to that folder, out of the total number of students in your class. Click the title of any folder that has received one or more submissions to view your students' submissions.
  3. The main Assignments screen. Three Assignment Folders are displayed, labeled Assignment 1, Assignment 2, and Assignment 3. Assignment 1 has received 2 submisions from the class of six students.
  4. On the next screen, you will see a list of all students who have submitted to the folder, as well as the name of any file(s) they uploaded. Click the file under any student's name to see what they submitted.
  5. The list of submissions to Assignment 1. Two students have submitted documents to the folder.
  6. The Evaluation screen will open with the student's file displayed in the main left panel, and your evaluation options in the small right-side panel. Once you're ready to evaluate the student, scroll down to the Evaluation and Feedback heading. Depending on how the folder was set up, you may have a variety of options here:
  7. A student's assignment submission has been opened for grading. The document is displayed on the left side, while the list of evaluation options is displayed in a panel on the right.
    • Rubric: If an online Rubric has been attached to the folder, you can click the title of that rubric to launch it. For details on how to grade using a Rubric, visit Connect a Rubric to an Assignment Folder.
    • Overall Grade: If you aren't using an online Rubric, you can directly type the student's overall score into this box. If you did use a rubric to generate the student's score, you should find that the system automatically transferred that score to this box when you closed the rubric.
    • Overall Feedback: If you wish to provide your students with detailed written feedback, you can enter that text here.
    • Upload File: The "arrow over a cloud" icon below the Feedback box lets you attach a file that your student will see when you publish their feedback. If you have downloaded and annotated a student's file, you can reattach it back to them here.
  8. Once you've entered feedback for a student, click Save Draft at the bottom of the Evaluation panel. This will record the feedback that you've entered, but not make it visible to the student yet.
  9. Click the right-arrow button at the bottom right to move to the next student's submission. Continue grading students and Saving As Draft until the entire class is graded. You can leave and return to this process in multiple sessions if you don't have time to grade the entire class at once.
  10. Once the entire class has been graded, click Back to Submissions at the top left of the screen to return to the list of submissions.
  11. To Publish all of the draft feedback you've saved, click the multi-select checkbox at the top left of the table of submissions, and then click Publish Feedback. All feedback will then become visible to the students. If your Assignment folder is connected to a Grade Item, the students' Assignment scores will also be transferred automatically to Grades.
  12. The instructor is publishing all saved draft feedback. The checkbox at the top left has been checked, and the Publish Feedback button is about to be clicked.

Video: Grade Submissions in Assignments