Import Format

Questions should follow the following format:

Multiple Choice Question
*Correct Answer

A true or false question

A Multi-select Question
*Correct Answer
*Correct Answer

A Written Response Question
Written response answer key (Optional)

Each question should be separated by an empty line. The first line in each block of lines must always be the question. Designate the question as an 'All That Apply' type question simply by indicating more than one correct answer. All text is automatically trimmed of whitespace and redundant empty lines.

For any questions or concerns about this converter, please contact Conestoga College's eConestoga support at


Plain Text Input

CSV Output

Download .csv File

Import Quiz Questions into Question Library

Now that your quiz questions have been converted into a format that eConestoga can accept, simply import the .csv file into your question library.

  1. From your course, click Course Tools -> Quizzes.
  2. Navigate to the Question Library.
  3. Create a "Section" where you will import your questions by clicking New and selecting "Section" and adding a title.
  4. Navigate to the newly created Section, click Import and select "Upload a file". Upload the .csv file containing the converted quiz questions.

Your Question Library for this course should now contain your imported quiz questions. You will able to import these questions from the Question Library when you Assemble Your Quiz.

Video: Import Questions From Word