Configure Your Quiz

Your Quiz should now be set up with all questions that your students will be required to complete. The last step of the setup process is to configure a number of instructional, timing, and security settings so that the quiz behaves as you intend.

The relevant configuration settings are broken up across three tabs at the top of the "Edit Quiz" menu.

Properties Tab

  • Quiz Questions: Options to control how questions will be presented to your students.
  • Quiz question options. The quiz has been set to show 2 questions per page and to Shuffle Questions at the quiz level.
    • Questions per page: Breaks the questions up across multiple pages, which makes it harder for two students working side-by-side to reference each other's quiz. To enable this, enter a number into the text box, and then click Apply. Note that this option is a bit unintuitive - the number you enter does not save, and will not be displayed when you return to this screen. Instead, when you enter a number and click Apply, dark blue divider bars will appear in your question list below at the specified interval. As long as these bars are in place the next time you edit the quiz, you can be confident that your "questions per page" preference has been saved.
    • Paging: If you have set your quiz to display a limited number of questions per page, you can prevent students from moving backwards to revisit previous pages once they've saved and moved forward. If you do select this option, be sure to VERY clearly announce to your students that this option is in effect, otherwise students may try to "leave a question for later" without realizing that they cannot go back.
    • Shuffle questions at the quiz level: Randomizes the order that questions are presented to each student.
  • Description Fields: Four optional text blocks that can be displayed to students in different locations. If you wish for any of these fields to be visible, don't forget to change the option above that field from Off to On after you've entered your desired text.
    • Description: Information displayed to the student before they begin the quiz.
    • Introduction: Information displayed to the student at the top of the first page.
    • Page Header: Information displayed to the student at the top of every page.
    • Page Footer: Information displayed to the student at the bottom of every page.
  • Optional Advanced Properties: We do not recommend enabling any of these settings, as they tend to interfere with accessibility software (screen readers, etc.) that your students may require to write the quiz.

Restrictions Tab

  • Hide from Users: Toggles the Quiz to be invisible to students. You can safely uncheck this box as long as you've set an appropriate Start Date and End Date for the quiz. Students won't be able to write the quiz or see its contents outside of that date range, even if they can see the existence of the quiz itself.
  • Date Settings
  • Quiz data restrictions. A Start Date and End Date have been selected, with dates set one week apart.
    • Due Date: Do not set this for Quizzes.
    • Start/End Dates: The earliest date/time and latest date/time that a student can begin the quiz. These options should always be set for graded quizzes. To enable them, check the boxes beside Start Date and End Date, then use the date picker and time picker to choose the window of time where your students will be able to write the quiz.
  • Optional Advanced Restrictions: Setting a Password is highly recommended for in-class quizzes, but strongly discouraged for at-home quizzes.
  • Timing: Allows you to control the amount of time that each student will have to write the quiz. Note that every student will always receive this amount of time. For example, if you set a 60-minute time limit, a student will have the full 60 minutes even if they start the quiz 5 minutes before the End Date.
  • Quiz timing settings. An Enforced time limit of 25 minutes, with a 5 minute grace period, has been set. The option to prevent the student from saving changes has been checked.

    To set your time limit:

    1. Choose an Enforced Time Limit.
    2. Enter the number of minutes that each student will receive, plus the Grace Period. The system will tell the student their time is expired at the end of the time limit, but the grace period provides them a few minutes to finish a question, scroll down, and click submit. It is recommended to leave the grace period at the default of 5 minutes.
    3. Exceeded time limit behaviour: Always select the middle option, "Prevent the student from making further changes."
  • Special Access: If any of your students have an accessibility accommodation which allows them extra time to write quizzes, you can use the Special Access menu to give those specific students a different writing window or time limit. Detailed instructions can be found in Special Access in eConestoga Assessments.

Assessment Tab

This tab contains options for connecting your Quiz to the Grades system.

  • Automatic Grade: This option should be selected only if all of the questions on your quiz are self-grading (e.g., multiple-choice, true-false, matching, ordering, etc.). If there are any questions on your quiz which have written answers requiring manual grading, do not check this box.
  • Settings to connect the quiz to Grades. A Grade Item has been picked, and Automatic Export has been checked. Automatically Set As Graded has NOT been checked, as this quiz contains manually marked Qs.
  • Grade Item: Choose which Grade Item in your course that the grades for this quiz should be transferred to when a student's submission is submitted and graded.
  • Auto Export to Grades: Always check this box if you've connected the quiz to a Grade Item.
  • Attempts: The number of attempts that each student will have on the quiz. For a graded quiz, this is typically left at the default of 1.

When you're finished, click Save and Close at the bottom of the screen.

And that's it! If you followed all of these steps, you should now have a quiz that contains all of the questions you created, which will be delivered at the time you specified, using the settings you selected.

Previewing your Quiz

If you'd like to see what the quiz you've built looks like for your students:

  1. Go to Course Tools > Quizzes.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow beside the title of the Quiz and choose Preview.